2000 trees

2000 Trees is a New and Underground music festival spread out over three days and held in Cheltenham. This has been my second visit and has now become the highlight of my summer, I always look forward to discovering new bands and hearing new sounds from around the world. The genre is mostly rock/indie/metal with something for everyone and amongst all the music, the festival is also visually stunning with an array of vintage stalls, henna, hair braiding and festival make up stands all set with the back drop of the deep forest with hammocks, lanterns, fairy lights and magical hidden stages where the acoustic sets are held.

This year I decided to review three of my favourite acts for you. If you like what you’ve read please feel free to leave some feedback below as this is my first ever music review! (which seems crazy as I love music so much!) and if you feel like you want to come along next year and experience it for yourself, you can book tickets here.



Benjamin Booker completely blew me away, for those of you who haven’t heard of him he’s a blues singer from New Orleans. His style is totally unique and his voice is like nothing you’ve ever heard before. We caught his set in the Axiom tent which in my opinion is the most intimate setting and the whole gig was magic from start to finish. If you ever get the chance to see him play live – go. The authenticity of his music takes you to another era, I felt like I was in the 1920’s watching a blues artist for the first time. Just amazing.

Visit Benjamin Booker’s Website here

Watch Benjamin Booker perform ‘Violent Shiver’ on BBC Later with Jools Holland here



Cleft are a two piece band consisting of just guitar and drums. No vocals, no synth just raw music. The thing that really impressed me (other than the fact the guitarist suffered from a seizure half an hour before they due to play, and still played!) was their timing, each track they played throughout their set had numerous time changes and the way they kept each change so tight showed how incredibly talented they are. Plus, when watching them play live you can just feel how much they love playing to the crowd and how passionate they are about their music, which made them really stand out amongst the other acts. Would highly recommend listening to them if you feel like hearing something new and completely different.

Visit Clefts website here.



Like most teenagers I was obsessed with punk rock band Alkaline Trio when I was younger and to see them live at 23 was amazing! Unfortunately though, there was a power cut 15 minutes into their set which must have been really frustrating for the band and even more gutting for the crowd! After a few minutes of confusion and multiple tech support crew member trying to fix the issue, bassist Dan Andriano appeared with an acoustic guitar and played out to the crowd, everyone started singing along and it made the gig much more intimate and special. The power came back after a few minutes and the band were able to finish the rest of their set which was INCREDIBLE. Plus, they were the last act on the main stage which was the perfect ending to the festival.

Visit Alkaline Trio’s Website here.

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