I’m back from the most amazing trip to Oxford, this has been my first time visiting and it’s been incredible! I went down with my family and stayed in a beautiful house, the bedroom I stayed in had views over the river and waterfalls, it was magical!

The property is surrounded by beautiful gardens which to me, were the best part of the house, the river runs all the way through and has lots of little bridges so that you can cross over to the other side and discover hidden secret spots. There is also a tennis court and a swimming pond section of the river which I wish I was brave enough to have used because the water is so clear! Plus, there’s a huge maze just by the side of the house which has been designed to take on the form of lots of different shapes, animals and objects. Just. WOW.

I’m missing Oxford lots now I’m home, playing in the gardens searching for otters and crayfish by the lake was just magical. It reminded me of the south of France – the setting was so idyllic. I hope to visit Oxford again soon and would recommend this area of the UK to anyone looking for a peaceful break which is still close to home.









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