Hello everyone! I’m so excited to share another travel post with you – yesterday I came back from the most amazing 10 day holiday in Cornwall & Devon! Before we left I was a little bit worried that the weather might be awful…(you know that typical British non-stop rain then quick burst of sunshine then a thunder storm kind of weather?)  but to our astonishment we were incredibly lucky and were able to enjoy beautiful sunshine while we were there.

Like many people who grew up down south in and around London – Cornwall and Devon were the perfect short break holiday destinations. I used to go every year with my grandparents when I was a child and this year we decided to go back to our favourite beaches and towns.
 For the first week we stayed in Penzance right next to the iconic harbour, then we moved on to Devon and stayed in a village close by to Salcombe where I had learnt to sail throughout my childhood. This holiday was so special for me as I haven’t been back to any of these places since I was about 10 years old! If any of you have already visited this part of the UK you will already know how magical it is but for those of you who haven’t I really hope this post will inspire you to visit one day.
In this post I will share my photographs of all the beautiful locations we visited, the activities we did and give you a low down on the best restaurants and activities to get involved with if you ever plan a trip there yourself!
On the way down to Penzance we stopped by the Eden Project, which really deserves a blog post all to itself! We visited the indoor rainforest, the Mediterranean biome and even came really close to an endangered species of Rainforest Wood Partridges which had been introduced there! They were super friendly (one was sporting an amazing Mohican – but he was a bit camera shy.) The Eden Project is also a registered charity and supports conservation across the globe whilst helping to raise awareness of deforestation. I adore this place.
That’s a leaf not a French fry by the way!
IMG_1956 IMG_1965
When we arrived in Penzance we went straight to our apartment to unpack and relax after a very long journey! When we unlocked the door I couldn’t believe how beautiful the apartment was, the views from our balcony were incredible and the actual apartment itself was so luxurious!
 IMG_3231 IMG_3232
So if you stay in Cornwall, you HAVE to visit the Minack Theatre, even if you don’t catch a play, just the place is worth seeing. The theatre is carved into the cliff face which overlooks the Atlantic ocean and was built by a women called Rowena Cade. Right next to the theatre is a bit of a sketchy climb down to the beach (which is a bit scary but totally worth it as the beach is beautiful!) This is one of those places that you visit which quite literally takes your breath away. After visiting it in the daytime we loved it so much that we came back a few days later and watched a night time showing of ‘Much ado about nothing’.
  That’s the gorgeous beach below the theatre…
Incredible views from our seats at the theatre.
Just aroud the corner from our apartment was this chic little restaurant & bar, they had a great selection of local ales and had a really fantastic food menu. The service was flawless and the owners were lovely, they even made us a list of things to do just in case it rained! One of my absolute favourite places to eat & drink in the West Country.
While on our holiday I was able to tick off one of my lifetime dreams to ride a horse by the beach! My Horse was called Doug (he really suited that name!) and he was incredibly beautiful. These stables were fantastic and I could tell how much the girls loved the animals. During our session Georgina took us into the last stable and introduced us to their beautiful Dalmatian puppies! They were five weeks old and were the absolute definition of adorable.
IMG_3224 IMG_3225
IMG_2282IMG_2280IMG_2335  IMG_2327
Our first destination when we arrived in Newquay was Silk’s! If you’re like me and LOVE champagne, this place will blow your mind. As soon as you walk in, you are literally surrounded by Swarovski encrusted Moet & Chandon Bottles, palm trees and all things luxury! Plus the view is just ridiculously beautiful, I had to remind myself that we were in the UK!
  IMG_2615 IMG_2620
Surf’s up! This is a really popular surf spot with the locals, the beach runs for miles of golden sand and the waves are perfect for water sports. Newquay bay has loads of rock pools full of crabs, clams and mussels which makes it a lot of fun for children, plus the beach is dog friendly! Perfect day out for all the family.
IMG_2697 IMG_2701IMG_2772
 Whilst my Grandparents visited the Tate Modern which overlooks the beautiful sandy beaches, we decided to see if we could spot any marine animals. This area of Cornwall has a healthy population of Dolphins, Basking Sharks, Sea Lions and Seals due to its geographical positioning. On our sailing trip we did spot a family of seals and their pups, but as the sun was setting I couldn’t get a good photo – you can just about make them out below.
IMG_2782 IMG_2788
Our final location was my favourite by far, Blackpool Sands is an award winning beach in south Devon, we would always visit this bay on the way home to London and I would look forward to it all week. The water here is crystal clear, calm and incredibly clean, perfect for paddle boarding, swimming or just for dipping your feet in. Blackpool sands do their bit to protect our oceans by having a strict policy regarding waste , their beach café does not issue straws due the amount of harm they can cause to sea life and around the site you can find information on how you can do your bit to keep our oceans clean and safe for the animals that live inside it.
IMG_3071 IMG_3229
I hope you enjoyed looking at the photos I took and if you are interested in staying down in Penzance drop me an email and I can put you in touch with the company we rented our apartment from.

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