Last week I shot a super exciting Christmas themed advert for Outfit fashion! During the shoot in London I wore a selection of the in house brands including Topshop, Dorothy Perkins and Miss Selfridge. 
In the lead up I was extremely excited but also a little worried about looking my best for the camera! So when COCOSWISH landed on my doorstep I was so excited to try it! 
Oil pulling is an ancient dental technique which draws out toxins and bad bacteria from your teeth and gums. This method has been tried and tested for many years and has had fantastic results.
Each sachet from COCOSWISH contains the organic coconut oil formula which you swish around in your mouth for between 5-15 minutes on a daily basis. This natural and safe alternative to teeth whitening has become incredibly popular in recent times and Australian brand Cocoswish is at the forefront of its revival! 
The pack included 14 sachets in 3 different flavours (mint, vanilla & lemon) I’m almost half way through and I’m still trying to decide which flavour I like best, they’re all amazing! 
On the day of the shoot I felt a lot more confident and I also noticed how clean and healthy my mouth feels. I’m incredibly pleased already with the results I’ve seen over the last 4 days and I’m excited to see the end result after the 14 day course. 
Check out COCOSWISH here.
Order your 14 day oil pulling course here.
Follow them on Instagram & Twitter.
& let me know how you got on in the comments section below! 💋

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