After years of trying to find a delicious tasting, natural and convenient instant coffee that could aid her journey to building a better body, brand creator Misha was unsuccessful and decided to take matters into her own hands by developing her own perfect formula…



The idea of Bondi Coffee came from a trip to the famous Australian beach ‘Bondi’ where Misha was stunned by the amount of beautiful, healthy bodies she saw during her stay. If like me, you drink coffee on a daily basis then you’ll be shocked to know how many calories are in your average take away latte – most popular high-street/corner coffee shops don’t display their nutritional information on the boards, which makes it so easy to forget how much sugar just a regular coffee can contain.

By switching to Bondi Coffee, this instant coffee formula can help to speed up your metabolism AND keep you from snacking during the day. This is something I know so many people struggle with & being a girl with a strong circle of girlfriends I am aware of the many different methods people can try to keep their cravings at bay. It is so refreshing to learn more about this exciting brand that is aiding so many people on their personal journeys towards a healthier version of themselves.


Since turning 25 I have started taking supplements and mixing super foods in with my daily smoothies to aid my health and benefit my body in different ways. I have to mention the most impressive aspect for me when I first heard of Bondi Coffee was the amount of wonderful ingredients inside every single sachet. Green Coffee Bean Extract, Siberian Ginseng, Matcha Green Tea and Spirulina just to name a few. Each of these ingredients are packed into the unique formula developed by Sports Scientists and means you can even use the product as an easy on the go pre-workout substitute! Ideal if you’re a regular gym go-er.

For my fellow sweet tooth/chocolate lovers, you will be pleased to learn that the coffee itself actually tastes like a mocha/hot chocolate. I find that having one just after a meal prevents me from snacking/craving sweet things. Plus it’s so good being able to enjoy a coffee which I know is benefiting my body too.

Read about the magic ingredients inside the sachets by clicking here. 


Are you ready to become a #BONDIBAE?

Bondi Coffee ship worldwide and for my UK followers they also have FREE UK shipping this month only! Head over to www.bondicoffee.co.uk to browse their full range!

Keep up to date with the brand by following @bondi_coffee on Instagram, as well as getting some lifestyle inspo and details on how to join their 28 day challenge!

Thanks for reading!

Becci x

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