So, this year I’ve been lucky enough to hit two festivals, which has been great because there’s nothing I love more than listening to good music in the sunshine with your best friends! Also festivals are blogger heaven – I think that festival fashion has become increasingly popular and it’s now one of my all time favourite trends.

Following on from my FESTIVAL VIBES post which if you haven’t read already, you can catch up here this post is purely fashion based, I’ll show you my favourite looks and where to shop them so if you’ve got a festival lined up this summer or if you’ve just bought your tickets to a festival next year this can be your fashion guide!


Let’s start with the basics! At a festival the last thing you want to be doing is your eye make up – you’ve just woken up from the worst nights sleep, you’re hung-over and you’ve forgotten to pack a decent sized mirror so, you’re not in the best position! My solution? GLITTER.

Start by using a BB Cream instead of your heavy daily foundation, festivals are all about letting your hair down and taking a break from every day routines. My favourite BB Cream is from Kiehl’s and has an SPF of 50 which means your face won’t be affected by all the sun exposure. Then once you’ve given the BBC Cream time to set, apply your glitter! There are lots of different kinds of eye glitter to suit every style, my personal favourite is Topshop Glitter in Rose Gold – the particles are bigger compared to a normal dust eye shadow, which means you get a bold, brighter outcome. Start by applying a thin layer of Lit Cosmetics Clearly Liquid Glitter Base to your eye lid and then apply the glitter on top using a cotton bud.



Let it go wild girl! Tousled, messy locks are completely acceptable! Always take dry shampoo with you, my favourite is CO LAB the London edition which comes in a travel size and when it gets greasy/the ends get a little dry towards the end of the festival, give yourself a French plait to keep it off your face.

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Dresses are a great outfit option as they are feminine yet can be dressed down with a pair of cowboy boots or sandals. This year I’ve been absolutely loving lace up dresses. The mix of industrial cord and suede looks incredible on and the small lace up elements add just the right amount detail. You may have seen a number of lace up items in the ‘Shop my Style’ section from a number of high street shops – but just in case you missed them or if you’re not keen on the lace up style I’ve got my favourite picks below for you, from maxi to mini and sequins to suede!








Usually I wear a nude shade or a soft pastel colour from ‘The Classic’ Collection by True Brit London, so for the festival I fancied a pop of colour. After a long time deciding between all their gorgeous colours I chose ‘Fire of London’ which is a bold red shade. This colour went perfectly which each of my outfits and it was a nice change to wear a colour that I wouldn’t usually pick. After applying two coats of the colour on top of the caviar base coat I also finished it off with their high gloss top coat which meant my nails didn’t chip once! Plus if that wasn’t enough – since I’ve been using True Brit my nails have improved so much – their formula is blended with Vitamin E, Elderflower and Rose Gold extracts which nourish the nail while providing a flawless finish. If you’re intested in finding out more about True Brit London see my post dedicated to them here and make sure you look out for future posts in my True Brit London Series.

Shop here and use discount code ‘BECCI10’ for a 10% discount on any order X





Every time I’m packing for a festival I always have an image of Alexa Chung in my mind, I love the way she makes an outfit look effortless yet so well co ordinated. In my eyes Alexa gets it right every time and usually wears either Hunter Wellies, Platform Sandals or a Classic Cowboy Boot. Below are my favourite picks to suit every budget, oh and a collection of my favourite Alexa looks!

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  1. Zadig & Voltaire women’s silver crinkle metallic leather ‘Jermaine’ stacked heel ankle boots.





2000 trees

2000 Trees is a New and Underground music festival spread out over three days and held in Cheltenham. This has been my second visit and has now become the highlight of my summer, I always look forward to discovering new bands and hearing new sounds from around the world. The genre is mostly rock/indie/metal with something for everyone and amongst all the music, the festival is also visually stunning with an array of vintage stalls, henna, hair braiding and festival make up stands all set with the back drop of the deep forest with hammocks, lanterns, fairy lights and magical hidden stages where the acoustic sets are held.

This year I decided to review three of my favourite acts for you. If you like what you’ve read please feel free to leave some feedback below as this is my first ever music review! (which seems crazy as I love music so much!) and if you feel like you want to come along next year and experience it for yourself, you can book tickets here.



Benjamin Booker completely blew me away, for those of you who haven’t heard of him he’s a blues singer from New Orleans. His style is totally unique and his voice is like nothing you’ve ever heard before. We caught his set in the Axiom tent which in my opinion is the most intimate setting and the whole gig was magic from start to finish. If you ever get the chance to see him play live – go. The authenticity of his music takes you to another era, I felt like I was in the 1920’s watching a blues artist for the first time. Just amazing.

Visit Benjamin Booker’s Website here

Watch Benjamin Booker perform ‘Violent Shiver’ on BBC Later with Jools Holland here



Cleft are a two piece band consisting of just guitar and drums. No vocals, no synth just raw music. The thing that really impressed me (other than the fact the guitarist suffered from a seizure half an hour before they due to play, and still played!) was their timing, each track they played throughout their set had numerous time changes and the way they kept each change so tight showed how incredibly talented they are. Plus, when watching them play live you can just feel how much they love playing to the crowd and how passionate they are about their music, which made them really stand out amongst the other acts. Would highly recommend listening to them if you feel like hearing something new and completely different.

Visit Clefts website here.



Like most teenagers I was obsessed with punk rock band Alkaline Trio when I was younger and to see them live at 23 was amazing! Unfortunately though, there was a power cut 15 minutes into their set which must have been really frustrating for the band and even more gutting for the crowd! After a few minutes of confusion and multiple tech support crew member trying to fix the issue, bassist Dan Andriano appeared with an acoustic guitar and played out to the crowd, everyone started singing along and it made the gig much more intimate and special. The power came back after a few minutes and the band were able to finish the rest of their set which was INCREDIBLE. Plus, they were the last act on the main stage which was the perfect ending to the festival.

Visit Alkaline Trio’s Website here.


ICONEMESIS is a phone case brand from London. This week I was sent a gorgeous gift in the form of one their beautiful iPhone 5s cases. This one is called the ‘Sasha Kreeger Leopard Print Case’ & comes in all different sizes. I love this case because it adds a pop of colour to my practically all black wardrobe as well as protecting my phone from scuffs and scratches. Plus the design is just beautiful.
⭐️Girls check them out if your haven’t already!
Twitter & Instagram @iconemesis
IMG_5474 IMG_5476 IMG_5477


sss1Really excited to announce that I have teamed up with True Brit London. True Brit are a luxury nail varnish brand that symbolize everything great about being British. One of the reasons I love this brand is because each of their gorgeous shades are named after places or events in my hometown London, which makes choosing your favourites a lot of fun!

This week I’ve been down in London  exhibiting at the New Designers event in Islington. For my nails I wanted a colour that was smart yet summery as the event is very professional but at the same time I wanted a pop of colour as my outfit was a plain black shift dress. I decided to go for the coral shade  ‘Covent Garden’ from the London City Collection, mainly because the colour is literally to die for but also because that’s one of my favourite destinations in London.

True Brit isn’t like any other nail varnish I’ve used, the formula is salon quality and lasts like a gel but without the hefty price tag. The ‘Caviar Base Coat’ is one of the best beauty products I’ve used, not only does it help prevent colour staining while nourishing the nail, it also looks beautiful on its own, the nude/pale pink tint is perfect for a clean everyday look and goes well with any outfit. This teamed up with the high gloss top coat is a match made in heaven and has now become a part of my beauty routine.


 Make sure you check out True Brit London out on Instagram & Twitter and browse their beautiful new collections online (you will fall in love!) at www.truebritlondon.co.uk plus use my code ‘BECCI10’ to receive 10% off any order!


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Today I tried out the new Fuji Green Tea range from the Body Shop, I used the bath tea set which was amazing. I’ve always been a huge fan of the Body Shop as all their products are naturally derived and never tested on animals.

I got the Fuji Green Tea set as a part of my birthday present from my friend Alex and literally fell in love as soon as I opened it! The set is absolutely gorgeous and I’ve been dying to use it ever since! It was so nice just to relax and have some me time as I’ve been so busy recently with uni work so I thought I’d give a it a quick review and share with you guys!
Firstly, when I opened the tin, the smell is divine! It’s really fresh and earthy – perfect for spring/summer when the heat picks up a bit.
So to use the bath tea you pour the salts into the little strainer which comes in the pack – I love this idea, it’s so clever how it hooks on to your bath tap, it’s like having a mini spa at home! When you’ve finished it’s also really easy to clean out, all the salts dissolve and it’s just the tea leaves that remain which can be emptied into the bin (although you won’t want to because they smell incredible!!!)
Afterwards my skin felt super soft and clean as the salts have cleansing properties and help to exfoliate your pores. Plus the yummy fragrance lasts for a long time so you can smell delicious all day.
Would highly recommend this product and the body butter to go with it to keep your skin moisturised and hydrated throughout the summer. 10/10!

Products available in store or online, click here to shop.




I made this salad for lunch the other day and decided I’d share it on here because it’s super easy to make and delicious! I’m semi-vegetarian (weird, I know) I tend to only eat meat once a week or even less than that, so this salad is suitable for veggies. Alternatively if you’re not a huge fan of goats cheese you could swap it out for grilled chicken breast.

If like me your really busy or don’t have  a lot of time to prepare your meals this salad is perfect for a quick lunch fix or even to pack up and take to work.



Avocado, Tomatoes (cherry/plum/vine ripened), Rocket or Italian mixed leaves, Olives, Goats Cheese, Lemon Juice.


Super easy to prepare, start by putting a generous handful of the Rocket into a bowl, then slice the avocado into two halves, keep on half for the salad and then cling film the other and store it in the fridge. Remove the stone and slice the avocado into 5 chunky pieces. Next, do the same with the tomatoes, I usually cut them into halves and then pop them into the bowl along with the avocado and the olives. Finally crumble 15g Goats Cheese into the bowl and drizzle with fresh lemon juice.


Mix together 2 tsp Balsamic vinegar, 4tsp extra virgin olive ol, pinch of pepper, pinch of salt and 1?2 tsp wholegrain mustard.

Volia! Bon appetit!



The thing about festivals is they have such a good atmosphere. No Tomorrow is quite a small non camping festival held at Wollaton Park in Nottingham. Me and my old friend Leia decided to go as the line up was ridiculously good and also it gave us a good chance to spend some time together as Leia’s recently moved to Liverpool. No Tomorrow was incredible and I just loved looking at everyone’s outfits and accessories. Festival fashion is up there in my favourite styles, I really like the bohemian hippy look.
For the festival Leia and I bought some gold tattoos which worked really well and looked amazing when the sun went down. We also used some topshop glitter around our eyes on the first day which also looked pretty good.
In terms of the music Hannah wants stole the show completely I saw her play in Ibiza last year and she brought that holiday vibe with her. Bondax and MNEK were also brilliant!

White lace up Jumper £38 ASOS

White distressed High waisted shorts £28 MISSGUIDED 

Shimmer lipstick in Mercurial £8 TOPSHOP

Facial Glitter £4 TOPSHOP


Today was my first time back at the studio for a long while. Felt so good to be back with my co-hosts! We spent the day creating adverts for a Radio Show to be played at our end of year show in London. The theme is 50’s American Film Noir so we spoke in American accents for the majority of it…which was fun! Although I don’t think my accent was all that great! We recorded the audio using Adobe Audition and then tomorrow myself and Matt will edit it all and insert sound effects. Think I’m going to miss doing projects like this when I graduate!