First of all, Happy New Year to all of you! I really hope you had a fantastic festive break and spent it with your loved ones. New Year is such a good time to reflect on the last episode of your life and think about what new goals you want to work towards in thisContinue reading “KOZHA NUMBERS”


Donned as the perfect lip for blondes, I got my hands on the fresh new shade to be added to the highly sought after Kylie Lip Kit collection. As a girl who adores make-up, it’s a challenge to browse the range of Matte Liquid Lip Kits and not fall in love. The selection is huge andContinue reading “KYLIE COSMETICS | DIRTY PEACH REVIEW”


Today was my first time back at the studio for a long while. Felt so good to be back with my co-hosts! We spent the day creating adverts for a Radio Show to be played at our end of year show in London. The theme is 50’s American Film Noir so we spoke in American accentsContinue reading “STUDIO DAY”