So as some of you may already know I’ve relocated back to my hometown of London and last week my good friend and fellow blogger babe Lauren came down to see me before an event – which called for shopping! We visited the one and only Selfridges first and browsed the designer jewellery sections onContinue reading “WHEN IN DOUBT, CHANEL.”


 This week I wanted to share with you a super easy nail art effect. For a while now I’ve been obsessed with all things marble, I love the simple, monochrome design and when I came across a photo on Instagram of some marble nail art, I had to recreate it! This clean and elegant designContinue reading “MARBLE NAILS TUTORIAL”


        I’m back from the most amazing trip to Oxford, this has been my first time visiting and it’s been incredible! I went down with my family and stayed in a beautiful house, the bedroom I stayed in had views over the river and waterfalls, it was magical! The property is surrounded by beautiful gardens whichContinue reading “OXFORD TRIP”


Today was my first time back at the studio for a long while. Felt so good to be back with my co-hosts! We spent the day creating adverts for a Radio Show to be played at our end of year show in London. The theme is 50’s American Film Noir so we spoke in American accentsContinue reading “STUDIO DAY”