I’ve always considered myself a bit of a magpie for all things shiny and metallic, so when I first saw this dress, I knew I had to have it! Last Autumn I found myself getting back into shirt dresses and soft tailoring, I adore the combination of cutesy fabrics like satin and silk contrastedContinue reading “STYLING SATIN WITH STUDS”


    Yesterday I came home from work to the most generous and seriously amazing delivery from JD Womens! I’d previously seen the likes of Sarah Ashcroft, Charlotte Crosby and Sam Faiers wearing and looking incredible in Pink Soda Sports wear so, I was over the moon to try the sporty gear out for myself!Continue reading “PINK SODA SPORT”


This week I attended the Bloggers Hangout in London which was fantastic, Lauren (creator of and I were introduced to some new and exciting brands which I will be sharing with you on my Instagram account over the next week. The event was held at the Pop-Up Café in SE London (one of my favourite parts)Continue reading “CHELSEA GIRL”


My hair has always been wavy, but not those nice kind of waves you see on LA models, I mean somewhere in between straight and curly with really annoying flicks that do not like to be tamed! So, like a lot of girls I’ve tried and tested a huge range of products in order to findContinue reading “LET’S TALK LOCKS”


Valentine’s day is one of my favourite dates of year, there’s literally nothing I enjoy more than eating out at my favourite restaurant with my boyfriend and drinking lots of champagne (plus I love having roses in the house!) However, it can become quite stressful if you end up struggling to find the perfect gift for yourContinue reading “VALENTINE’S DAY GIFT INSPO”


I always find that when the weather changes my skin tends to break out in blemishes or can become quite dry. I researched this problem and found that the sudden change in temperature and climate can have multiple negative effects on skin. This is due to the fact our skin is essentially protecting our bodiesContinue reading “SKINCARE | COLD WEATHER RESCUE”


Recently I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect bikini as i’m planning a trip to Bali next year. Usually I love shopping for new clothes but finding the right bikini can be a long and frustrating process! I’m sure I’m not the only girl that struggles to find bikinis (especially bikini tops) that fitContinue reading “MONDAY SWIMWEAR”