So as some of you may already know I’ve relocated back to my hometown of London and last week my good friend and fellow blogger babe Lauren came down to see me before an event – which called for shopping! We visited the one and only Selfridges first and browsed the designer jewellery sections onContinue reading “WHEN IN DOUBT, CHANEL.”


I always find that when the weather changes my skin tends to break out in blemishes or can become quite dry. I researched this problem and found that the sudden change in temperature and climate can have multiple negative effects on skin. This is due to the fact our skin is essentially protecting our bodiesContinue reading “SKINCARE | COLD WEATHER RESCUE”


This month I graduated with a 2:1 in Digital Media Design so, I treated myself to a mega Kiehls haul! I stocked up on my favourite items and bought a couple of new products too, I’ve used these for almost two weeks now I wanted to review them for you all because Kiehl’s being aContinue reading “KIEHLS HAUL”