As I explained when I saw you, I rarely find shopping for clothes a successful or enjoyable experience. I am really body-conscious, just turned 30 so getting more age-conscious and struggle to find outfits to suit me due to my size, bust size, height etc! Also as I’m a full-time secondary school teacher (part-time singer) I don’t have that much free time so I often leave it until the last minute to find an outfit and tend to avoid it until absolutely necessary as I find shopping literally traumatising (honestly-tears, annoyance, frustration, comforting from boyfriend after unsuccessful shopping trips-the lot)!!!

I decided to approach you on the spur of the moment as I saw the stylist service was available and I must say I was pleasantly surprised by how successful we were in finding me an outfit. Not only did you listen to what I wanted, you were totally honest about what you thought worked and didn’t work. You were so patient, enthusiastic, professional and helpful and gave me so much of your time, for which I am truly grateful. I can’t believe I walked out of the store with not one but potentially 8 outfit combinations (2 skirts, 4 tops) along with jewellery, a bag and advice on what shoes to wear. You made me feel amazing, like I could totally be young and funky and that dressing me was not a problem. On the wedding day I really enjoyed the experience of dressing up and having fun with it, which I haven’t done for a very very long time. I hope you will help me again in the future! Thank you so so much.

I cannot thank Rebecca enough for the expertise and advise she gave me when I
came to your store.
I have no color sense whatsoever and was faced with picking an outfit for my
partners family wedding and meeting them for the first time.
I was asked if I would like the in house stylist for help and agreed.
When I first saw Rebecca, I was a little doubtful as to what help she could
give, I was very judgemental about her age.
From Rebecca’s first sentence to me, she made me feel extremely àt ease and even
though I was questioning the outfits she was picking, I thought I would ‘humor
I couldn’t have been more wrong in my judgement.
I’m very happy to admit I was completely wrong.
Rebecca certainly knows her job.
She picked outfits that I would never have picked for myself.
The first outfit she choose was perfect, she did not even batter an eyelid when
i asked her to pick some shoes,  a jacket and a handbag.
I felt completely comfortable in my outfit and felt a million dollars.
I would  not hesitate to ask for Rebecca’s help again and I have told all my
friends about her.
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